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...with the whole course of his detested life

Steve Capra’s review of Richard III by William Shakespeare produced by The Drilling Company as part of its series Shakespeare in the Parking Lot directed by Hamilton Clancy August 2013 Space for off-off-Broadway theater is in short supply. The Drilling Company has been creative and rented some parking spaces from the Department of Transportation. They produce Shakespeare in the Parking Lot ! The company’s second production this summer has been Richard III , the last of Shakespeare’s plays recounting the events of The War of the Roses. His main source, as with all the history plays, was Raphael Holinshead’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland , first published in 1577. The play was first published in 1597 under the title The Tragedy of King Richard the Third. Containing , His treacherous Plots against his brother Clarence; the pittiefull murther of his innocent nephewes; his tyrannical usurpation: with the whole course of his detested life and most de