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The Great Divorce

photo: FPA C.S. Lewis wrote The Great Divorce , a novel, in 1945. The title derives from William Blake’s 1793 poem The Marriage of Heaven and Hell . It presents us with a set of travelers who take a bus from Hell to the outskirts of heaven and are offered the opportunity to enter heaven if they repent - that is, acknowledge their error. Most of the travelers decline the offer, wedded to their tragic flaw. Max McLean, Artistic Director of the OOB theater Fellowship for Performing Arts, adapted the novel into a play for his company several years ago and FPA recently presented it as an online event. Using green screen technology, the actors were videoed separately and these videos combined with background to form the finished piece. The technique worked quite well, given its obvious limitations. FPA presents intelligent, inquiring theater from a Christian perspective, and they’re partial to C.S. Lewis, having presented a play about him and an adaptation of The Screwtape Letters .  Th