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Theatre Uncut

Theatre Uncut is a sort of theatre movement. Playwrights from around the world contribute new, sort plays written in response to current political situations. The plays have been performed by over 200 groups, in 17 countries. It’s great to hear about a group of theatre artists furthering political theatre, and we applaud them. But how much of a contribution are these playwrights making? The plays chosen in 2012 can be produced free of royalties only during the group’s “week of action”, which was in November of last year. A royalty-free week is not a huge contribution from non-established playwrights (although some are recognized). Many playwrights offer their work royalty-free at any time. These playwrights merely submit their plays to Theatre Uncut folks, who make them easily accessible on their website. A few weeks ago, six Theatre Uncut plays were presented off-off-Broadway with ultra-minimalist staging. This group will have to come up with better material than this to ma