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State vs Natasha Banina

  photo: Mark Soucy State vs Natasha Banina is a livestream monologue presented by The Arlekin Players Theatre. The script is based on  Natasha’s Dream  by the Russian playwright Yaroslava Pulinovich. The monologue is directed by Igor Golyak and performed by Darya Denisova. The video monologue was streamed twice this month on Zoooom - once in Russian with subtitles, and once in English. Of course, I watched the Russian. I had the great advantage of not understanding the Russian, and the event was enhanced by language as intonation. The title screen reads "State, plaintiff, versus Natasha Bernina, defendant". Then a mellow voice says, several times, "Welcome. By joining us today you have self-selected to be a part of our trial.… Court will be in session in just a moment." Then, "The live feed from the confinement will commence momentarily." The date of the livestream is given as the date of this trial. Then, "Due to the COVID-19 pandemic you, the jury