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Todd Robbins’ Haunt Quest Produced by The Soho Playhouse A solo show with Todd Robbins at The Soho Playhouse 15 Vandam Street New York Todd Robbins is our host for and the only cast in Haunt Quest , a “séance play.” The evening I attended there was an audience of ten, socially-distanced on folding chairs in a bare room. This arrangement is part of the event’s idiosyncratic charm. We’re not in a show; we’re at a séance, a paranormal inquiry, with nothing so vulgar as a program. Mr. Robbins spends most of the first half of the show addressing us. He tells us about the estate the theater’s building was built on: the former residence of Aaron Burr and John Astor. And there used to be speakeasy in the basement of this 200 year-old building. Then our raconteur tells us about the ghost sightings. I would have liked more of this. The passage is great until he  trivializes his story by telling us that the ghost responds to a shot of whisky left on the bar. And yet he expects us to take it serio