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The Elephant in Every Room I Enter

The Elephant in Every Room I Enter co-created by Gardiner Comfort and Kel Haney produced by LaMaMa directed by Kel Haney with Gardiner Comfort Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by repeated involuntary outbursts – or “tics” – verbal and physical. Gardinar Comfort is a person with TS, active in the NYC Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association. The Elephant in Every Room I Enter is his solo show, co-created by him and the show’s director, Kel Haney.  A solo presented on a bare stage show is the most personal theater. It demands enormous honesty (not to say courage) on the part of the creator, and bravo to anyone who embarks on the perilous route. I hesitate to call this show autobiographical; it focuses for the most part on one event in Comfort’s life, a week TS conference in Washington DC. One of the play’s important functions is to educate, and it’s great to see a playwright show us that theater as education is not trivial in content or cogency