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  Cova da Iria by Steve Capra Place: A field in Portugal Time : May, 1917 Characters: Fausto, a young man of about 20 A Young Woman, 16-years-old Lucia, a girl of ten Synopsis Two lovers meet in a field. They meet a child, a shepherdess. She tells the man that the young woman is pregnant, then runs off. The young man abandons the young woman. The child returns and mistakes the woman for someone else.. [ At opening, Fausto alone. After a pause, we hear a shout from far off – a joyful sound, part song, part holler, part summons, part announcement. ] Lucia [ off ] Hail Mary! [ long pause ] Hail Mary! Fausto [ yelling ] Shut up!  [ The Young Woman enters. She’s dressed carefully in a white dress with a blue mantle. ]  Fausto What took you so long? The Young Woman You said at the Cabe├žo.  Fausto I said at Cova da Iria The Young Woman I’m sorry. Fausto Do you have it? The Young Woman [ handing him money. ] Here. Faust  I’ve been h